The emailing bike bell. A mobile activist button – saving lives in the future.

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Hövding has developed the world’s first inflatable “airbag-helmet” for bicyclists. It is a publicly traded company with an international market. But since the launch of the innovative product, not much external communication has been done towards the target group, urban cyclists. Hövding asked us for an engaging brand awareness campaign in London, demonstrating curiosity, innovation and care for London cyclists.

Cylists feel frustration and fear in the London traffic. What if they could turn this personal frustration into a movement that would improve the cyclist’s situation in the future? For that, we would need a mobile communications tool that didn’t feel distracting or unsafe to the cyclist.

Strategy —

22,988 motor accidents involving cyclists inside the M25 between 2009 and 2013 – more than 12 every day. So for our target audience, cyclists, safety on the London road was a real problem. Even though the Hövding Helmet saves lives, it can’t slow down the increasing amounts of traffic accidents, involving cyclists. For that to happen we would need to unite the community and influence the city’s politicians. And to do that, we would need to get the Mayor’s attention – with data to back it up.


Solution —

We decided to re-invent the bicycle bell, giving it more features than just an alarming sound. Based on a Flic button, we developed a bell that sent an email to the Mayor every time you pushed it – and we plotted out the location of this frustration on a real time London map. Of course it still sounded, but now through your smart phone. Together with our partner Mynewsdesk, we teamed up with London Cycling Campaign and handed out 500 flics to cyclists. We named the campaign Give a Beep.

5000 beeps in London

Our campaign reached more than 100 million people through earned media. But more importantly, 5 000 shared beeps directly from the Hövding target group provided enough data for the Mayor’s office to see where in London cyclists feel fear and frustration. London Cycling Campaign is now feeding the London transportation office with Give a beep data for fixing short-term traffic problems and, in a direct letter, the Mayor asked for our findings to include in the city’s long-term cycling program.

Hövding doubled sales in comparison to the same period in 2015 and along the way, they went from “only" saving lives every day to also saving lives in the future.